Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications

Paper Submission

As you may know, CGTA was launched in 1991 and we never changed our online submission software. It is a miracle of sorts that my original design and the excellent implementation by my then PhD student Norbert Zeh survived until now. As decided in the last CGTA editorial board meeting, we wanted to move to Elsevier's system, called Evise. Most of you will already know this system as it is the one used by Elsevier's journals. So, as author in other Elsevier journals, you would have encountered it. Moving to this system gives us more security, professional backup, the same editorial process for many journals, and it allows our work to be carried out on a modern, professionally maintained platform. You can read more about the system and its benefits for editors and authors here:
I sincerely hope that the transition is painless for all of us. Since the old system and Evise are not compatible we will need to maintain both systems until all papers from the old system will have been processed. New submissions will now only be accepted through Evise.

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